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Yeraltı Tespit Teknolojileri
Yeraltı Tespit Teknolojileri
Yeraltı Tespit Teknolojileri
Yeraltı Tespit Teknolojileri
Yeraltı Tespit Teknolojileri

Who is Aykome?

AYKOME is an abbreviation Infrastructure Coordination Center which is a registered trademark slogan. All names and our corporate law firm started operating in early 2014. The patented and corporate certifications are completed. TURKAK certified ISO9001: 2008 and TS HYB documents continue to with activities AYKOME using trenchless technology for the infrastructure to create a coordination center, uncontrolled and to provide technology that can avoid damaged the excavation, to introduce products and services for intelligent network management, physical water losses and leakages make applications for the reduction, to develop and promote the principles adopted.

In particular, physical water loss detection of the leak, cable and pipe route detection, hydraulic modeling is done, installation of remote reading and automation systems, making water analysis, network design and management issues such as the most extensive experience with staff on a consulting-advisory It has the capacity to provide service.

With our structure you can reach us with the best relationships with the developing technology effectively for social connection. With recent innovations from all social connection with visits to meet you faster. The produce we will always focus on technological solutions.

Especially engineering in infrastructure projects, our company has the expertise in consultancy and advisory matters, Turkey has representative offices in specific product groups. Detection of water loss and leakage, underground cables and pipelines detection, flow flow measurement, water analysis, pressure level measurements, the hot tap machines, automation SCADA, a special area of ​​expertise in hydraulic models and geographic information systems.

electromagnetic, ultrasonic doppler and the most appropriate choices on the model of the different measurement equipment we recommend using the technique done by us. We gather together in the same way advanced technologies for identifying regional and spot water leaks. And identify the purpose of the underground cable with the use of radar detectors and underground pipeline location, direction and depth information reaching for digitization work is pioneering.

We have taken this coordination work as our own mission. Browse the world's leading manufacturers of our product groups.


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